Tennessee Tech - Eagle Assistance Grant Application

Tennessee Tech - Eagle Assistance Grant Application

The Eagle Assistant Grant (E.A.G.) is an emergency fund intended to provide limited, one-time financial assistance to enrolled Tennessee Tech students who are unable to meet immediate, essential expenses because of temporary hardship related to an emergency situation. The program supports sudden, urgent, or unforeseen occurrences that require immediate attention and would impact a student's ability to stay enrolled.

For more information, please visit www.tntech.edu/student/hardship/eag.php.

Instructions: Please complete the application below and provide as much detail as possible regarding your emergency fund request. This will assist in our review of your application and be able to provide a response as soon as possible.

Eligibility Requirements:

The student must be currently enrolled at Tennessee Tech for the term the emergency aid is being requested;

The student has been verified as eligible for emergency funding by the Office of Financial Aid;
-And exhausted all federal student aid options (including student loans). Please note unwillingness to take out student loans does not constitute a financial hardship.

Student has demonstrated a good faith effort to explore other funding options (e.g. other eligible Financial Aid options, insurance, free or low-cost services readily available; relatives);

Need for assistance is not a result of the student's own actions;

Student has completed the E.A.G. online application explaining/proving financial hardship;

Pending availability of funds, priority will be given to a student who has not previously received funds from this grant.